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Ever wonder why
performance isn’t consistent?

It’s true. Let your attention wander and you’ll see diminished return on effort.

You don’t have to do everything right. You simply need to do the one thing that matters most. One thing at a time. Precision focus on what truly matters now creates enduring success over time. And successful leadership starts with both heightened self-knowledge and enriched understanding of others. Simply, people achieve results where they consistently place their attention. Attention is your vitality. It’s the resonance that connects you with others. It’s the energy that drives your performance.

Point of View

Ever wonder where to focus your attention?

It’s simple. Focus on the single thing that will have the greatest positive impact.

By focusing on the one thing that will have the greatest impact, you’ll be far more effective than if you attempt to moderately improve in multiple areas. Extraordinary results are directly determined by where you place your attention, and what action you take.

When you find the calm amidst the clutter and chaos, you can focus on what matters most. And be single-minded in your drive for deep change. Once you’ve achieved your desired outcome, then you’re ready to move on to the next most important thing.

“Effective leaders understand there is a difference between knowing what to do and the demonstrated ability to do it.”

Dave Wondra

A Unique Approach

Ever wonder how to be more inspirational?

It’s obvious. Change the things that really aren’t working for you.

Neither good intentions nor intellectual understanding will unseat your established behaviors. Fierce focus and persistent practice are required to replace current habits with better ways.

One of the most effective techniques to embody change proves to be moving through iterative cycles of a learning practice. A single cycle includes three simple steps: Act, Reflect and Refine. Incorporating Learning Practices into activities already scheduled into your day saves precious time and delivers learning that lasts.

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Credentials & Testimonials

Ever wonder who can help?

It’s clear. Select the subject matter expert who has global leadership experience.

With more than 30 years of business experience, 20 years of executive leadership practice, and five years being part of and leading the global board of the world’s largest professional coaching association (International Coaching Federation), Dave Wondra brings an extraordinary skill set to today’s C-suite executives who seek transformational change.

Dave-WondraHis client list includes executives from a wide range of organizations, including some of the world’s most prominent and well respected companies. Dave was an early pioneer in the coaching field and continues to advance and support the profession throughout the world.

Dave also has a variety of interests that allow him to apply his learning-practice approach to other areas of life, including trumpet performance, prairie restoration, and global travel.


Ever wonder what to do next?

It’s easy. Reach out and discover how Practice for Performance can help you get results.

People have more capacity for action and achievement than they realize. So choose to be a practiced leader and accomplish transformational change — the kind of profound change that holds the capacity to up-level the trajectory of your performance. Now and throughout your life and career.

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